Between the tides - guidet tour and lunch

Between the  tides - guidet tur og frokost

Visit Mandø this summer and gain a unique insight into island life in the 1950s through the photos of world famous American documentary photographer Esther Bubley. Esther Bubley visited the island in 1954 for the American oil company Standard Oil (ESSO) as part of a marketing and public relations program to demonstrate the importance of oil for the good life. The resulting photos offer a unique view of island life in the Wadden Sea at a pivotal time.

Experience island life then and now by enjoying a guided tour of the island and exhibition and stay overnight in either a hotel or a B&B. Savour local foods and experience the peace and quiet of this ‘pearl’ in the Wadden Sea.

Guided tour and meal

Book a guided tour together with either a 1950’s themed lunch or an exclusive Mandø Menu evening meal.
Guided tour plus lunch 200 Dkk adult, 150 Dkk child


Extend your trip with an overnight stay.

B&B Mandø

Overnight in self-catering apartments from 650, - Dkk for two people.

Karin & Poul-Erik Fredskild
Phone: +45 75446434
Mobile: +45 23469408

Hotel Klithus Mandø

Overnight with breakfast from 700, - Dkk for two people.

Manager: Michael Wilkins
Telefon: 7544 5354


Getting to Mandø

Mandø is 18 km south west of Ribe. Connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway, the island is cut off from the mainland twice every 24 hours. All plans to get to the island must take into account the tides. It is possible to self-drive to Mandø across the Låningsvejen. Two tractor bus companies (Mandø Kro & Traktorbus and Mandøbussen) operate from Vester Vedsted on the mainland across the old Ebbevej, and Sydtrafik offer a preordered flextrafik service from Ribe. VisitRibe can assist in booking of the Flextrafik service for non-Danish speakers.





Between the tides - guidet tour and lunch

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Between the tides - guidet tour and lunch - Child

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