Autumn in Ribe

Visit Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, the town and The Wadden Sea National Park offers a large selection of holiday adventures. Activities for the whole family, have a try at public town walks, the night watchman's tour, Art and much more. Stop by and enjoy your holiday in Ribe.

Night Watchman | Ribe | Easter 2016

The Night Watchman in Ribe

Each night you can join the Night Watchman, when he walks his traditional rounds in the old winding streets of Ribe. 

Spring season: 01.05-31.05 every night at 8 o'clock. Free of charge.

Winter Holiday | Town Walk | Ribe

Town walk

Join a guided tour through the medieval town centre in Ribe. The tour includes a visit to Ribe Cathedral or St. Catharinae Church and Cloister Garden.

Ribe Kunstmuseum | The Coasts of Denmark

The Coasts of Denmark - 08.09.2017 - 07.01.2018

The photographer Janne Klerk has captured Denmark’s extensive coasts with her camera. With her works she has created a beautiful photographic narrative about the transitions between land and water.