Join a local guide or explore the nature on your own

Explore the nature around Ribe

Join a local guide or explore the nature on your own

Nature Guidance



Start exploring the area with a visit to the Wadden Sea Centre, where you will be introduced to the Wadden Sea's dynamic nature, all-embracing ecosystem and particular culture, all influenced by the constant danger of violent storm floods. The Wadden Sea Centre is a place for the whole family. 

Guided tours - Marsh and dike near Ribe. Join a local guide and get the whole story about The Wadden Sea's dynamic nature and particular culture. - Duration 1½ hour. More information.

Discover the nature

Go on a guided tour and get an unforgettable nature experience. Try for example: Oyster Tour, Starling Magic, Seal Safari, Geese and Migratory Birds etc.

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100 Nature experiences in South West Jutland


The idea is to pique the reader's curiosity. The short stories should be read as an inspiration for a trip out into the countryside.