As he walks his traditional rounds in the streets of Ribe

Join the Night Watchman

As he walks his traditional rounds in the streets of Ribe

The Night Watchman in Ribe



Each night during the summer you can join the Night Watchman, when he walks his traditional rounds in the old winding streets of Ribe. The Night Watchman starts his round from the market place in front of Restaurant Weis Stue. From May to October and the week 7 and Easter. Duration approx. 45 minutes. In Danish and English. Free of charge. 

He walks

13.02 - 18.02 8 o'clock
10.04 - 17.04 8 o'clock
01.05. - 31.05
(not 12+13/5 2017)
8 o'clock
01.06. - 31.08 8 and 10 o'clock
01.09. - 21.10 8 o'clock

Who is behind it

It is Gammelt Præg - A society for the preservation of Ribe who is behind The Night Watchmen. Since 1935 when the Night Watchman tradition was revived as a tourist attraction, they have been in charge of hiring, training and paying the Night Watchmen of Ribe. The Society also provides the Watchmen with the traditional uniforms, lanterns, spiked mace and so on.

Gammelt Præg 

Vægterrundgang i Ribe

The bell has struck ten o’clock

The last line of the wellknown Night Watchman verse, the 10 o’clock vers  Read the verses, which for centuries would bring joy and comfort to so many.