Winter holiday in Ribe

Visit Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, the town and The Wadden Sea National Park offers a large selection of holiday adventures. Activities for the whole family, have a try at public town walks, the night watchman's tour, Art and much more. Stop by and enjoy your holiday in Ribe.

Christmas in Ribe builds upon the beloved Danish children's book "Peters Jul", in verse about middleclass Christmas in th 1860s. The Christmas decorations, that so mesmerized little Peter, are now recreated in Ribe. We cut, glue, weave, bake, fry and brew, in order for everyone to experience that oldfashioned taste of Christmas.

Ribe Kunstmuseum | The Coasts of Denmark

The Coasts of Denmark - 08.09.2017 - 07.01.2018

The photographer Janne Klerk has captured Denmark’s extensive coasts with her camera. With her works she has created a beautiful photographic narrative about the transitions between land and water.

Museet Ribes Vikinger

Stories from South West Jutland

04.11.2017-25.02.2018 - Join us on a local journey through time. It starts with mysterious ancestor worship north of Esbjerg.