Taste the local specialties

Mandø - food and drink

Taste the local specialties

Mandø - food and drink



Eat well
After a day with many impressions and nature adventures, a lovely meal awaits. The island has a variety of small eateries that serve well-prepared Danish food inspired by the Wadden Sea.
Local specialties
Taste the local specialties and take some home, too.

A taste of Mandø

The island offers many taste experiences. Mandø products:

Lambs raised in the National Park
Marshland/Wadden Sea Lambs

Marshland steer that graze on the foreland Wadden Sea Steer

Beer made with local organic products.
Mandø beer

Jam from berries growing on the hedges.

Glasswort is a unique sea herb.
Glasswort salt

With 100% pure, natural ingredients.
Mandø soap

Mandø Kro

Places to eat on Mandø

On Mandø there are two eateries where you can enjoy a well-made meal.