Transportation to Mandø

Transportation to Mandø



In the middle of the new Wadden Sea National Park lies an island that can only be reached at the low tide. The public road, Låningsvejen is raised above the seabed, but is still flooded twice every 24 hours by the tide. The road is traversable but only when you know the tidal table. The tractor busses invite another perspective, experience the Wadden Sea from the vantage point of a “double-decker” bus. The busses use Mandø Ebbevej, driving across the dry seabed, or sometimes even in the water - a unique experience.

Travelling to Mandø

Strictly on the tide’s premises

All traffic between Mandø and the mainland is cut off twice every 24 hours because of the tide. During the summer months, the two tractor busses cross the wadden twice every day to and from Mandø.

Driving to Mandø, the tractor busses are recommended. Not only is it a great experience, but you will also travel to and from the island safe and sound.

The two bus companies are mostly identical, though their arrivals and departures vary. Please check the website to find the arrivals and departures that suit your plans.

The busses leave from Vester Vedsted. The trip to Mandø takes ca. 40 minutes. Departures vary from day to day due to the tide.

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When you know the tidal table you can drive to Mandø via Låningsvejen. View this film to provide a clear understanding of the trip to Mandø. Photographer: Bent Medvind.