Ribe - the oldest town of Denmark

Well-preserved medieval town

Ribe flourished as a centre for trade until the 16th century, where the Reformation, the sanding up of the river, the plague, fires, flooding and war, irreversibly changed its circumstances. Today's Ribe is characterized by a large number of 16th century houses, many of which had to be rebuilt after the fire that in 1580 swept through the centre of town and burned down 213 houses.
Ribe Domkirke

Ribe Cathedral

Ribe Cathedral is visible for miles across the flat landscape, and it is amazing to think that travellers have been met by this sight since the middle of the 13th century when it was completed. Ribe Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Denmark.

Ribe's Attractions

Ribe Cathedral, the town’s prominent landmark. Take a look inside at Carl Henning Pedersen’s modern decorations and enjoy the view from Borgertårnet (Commoners’ Tower). Visit also the Cathedral Museum.