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Mandø - a view from above

Mandø Island is a true paradise for nature lovers, Kasper Hornbæk has captured this with his beautiful drone film. Music by Andreas Hansen and Daniel Thranholm.


Holiday in the Danish Archipelago

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Tranport til Mandø

Transportation to Mandø

In the middle of Wadden Sea National Park lies an island that can only be reached at the low tide. Låningsvejen is raised above the seabed, but is still flooded twice every 24 hours by the tide.



Here is room for everyone who delights in peace and quiet in scenic surroundings during any season.

Kveller på Mandø

Food and drink

After a day with many impressions and nature adventures, a lovely meal awaits. The island has a variety of small eateries that serve well-prepared Danish food inspired by the Wadden Sea.