Queen Dagmar, Ribe

Queen Dagmar

The Czech Princess Drahomira - or Dagmar in Danish - married King Valdemar the Conqueror in 1205. Shortly thereafter, the couple came to Ribe where they resided at Riberhus Castle on Slotsbanken. Queen Dagmar was the people’s queen. According to legend, she died in 1212 in Ribe while giving birth and is buried in Ringsted. 

Following Queen Dagmar’s death, Valdemar the Conqueror married the Portuguese Princess Berengaria, who came to be known amongst the people as “The Evil Bengerd”.

Dagmar 800
In 2012 a historical music festival called Dagmar 800 marked the 800th anniversary of the death of Queen Dagmar. Dagmar 800 took place in May 2012.

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The Statue
The statue of Queen Dagmar on Slotsbanken is the work of Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. It was inspired by the Queen’s arrival in Ribe, and was erected in 1913. Queen Dagmar arrived in Ribe by boat, coming ashore on the island of Mandø.

Every day at 12.00 and 15.00, the carillon bells of Ribe Cathedral play the folk song “Dronning Dagmar Ligger Udi Ribe Syg” (Queen Dagmar lies in Ribe sick) Queen Dagmar lies in Ribe sick, in Ringsted they do expect her; all the ladies in Denmark she lets bring to her side, in Ringsted they lay her to rest.

Riberhus Slotsbanke
The former royal palace is now merely a mound with a moat, ruins and a statue of Queen Dagmar.

Riberhus Slotsbanke

Riberhus has been referred to as castle since around year 1300, but the oldest findings are from the mid 1100s.