The dike near Ribe

Marsh and Dike Tours

VisitRibe has a team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides, who all year round can be booked to guide tours in Ribe and vicinity. Marsh and Dike Near Ribe and The West of Southern Jutland are two popular tours where the guide joins you on your bus tour and talks about the history of the area and the magnificent nature. There are a few breaks along the way.

Experience the big bird flocks

Spring and Autumn
Every spring and autumn the National Park Wadden Sea hosts large flocks of geese and migratory birds. On their travel between the breeding areas in the north and the wintering grounds in the south, the birds rest here in Denmark’s biggest self-service restaurant before they set off on their next strenuous flight.

Go on a guided tour and discover a scenery which rightly is said to be Denmark’s biggest nature phenomenon.

The Phenomenon Starling Magic

The Phenomenon Starling Magic is a fantastic experience when 100.000 and, yes, even 400.000 starlings dance ballet in the sky over the Ribe Marsh.

A family day out at the Wadden Sea

Birds in the sky, an ocean teeming with life and sandbars rising in the horizon. Regardless of the weather and the season the Wadden Sea is an authentic experience. Book one of the many tours where our nature guides generously share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Seal Safari in the Wadden Sea

Visit Koresand a 20 square kilometre sandbank south west of the island Mandø.

Discover the beautiful nature and see the seal sanctuary on the sandbanks by tractor bus or on foot. On the trip there will be breaks in which you can go swimming and looking for amber. The season for Seal Safari is from April to Oktober.