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Esbjerg Municipality

Since January 1st 2007 the three former municipalities, Bramming, Esbjerg and Ribe became one large municipality: Esbjerg Municipality - Denmark's fifth largest municipality with 115.000 inhabitants.

Energymetropolis - The Municipality of Esbjerg 
Feel the energy as it unfolds in the presentation about the EnergyMetropolis - The Municipality of Esbjerg. You will certainly find it highly interesting. Click on the logo to watch the presentation.

Information centres

In Esbjerg Kommune you find
three Borgerservicecentre (Public Information Centres)
+45 76 16 16 16

Borgerservicecenter Esbjerg
Rådhuset, Torvegade 74
6700 Esbjerg

Borgerservicecenter Bramming
Rådhuset, Sct. Knuds Allé 7
6740 Bramming

Borgerservicecenter Ribe
Rådhuset, Giørtz Plads
6760 Ribe 

Opening hours

Vielser i Ribe

Weddings, Esbjerg Kommune

If you wish to marry or enter a civil partnership in Ribe at the Old Town Hall in the middle of the old town centre. Here you will find the information you need.

Esbjerg Kommune

Esbjerg Kommune