Experience the big bird flocks

Spring and Autumn
Every spring and autumn the National Park Wadden Sea hosts large flocks of geese and migratory birds. On their travel between the breeding areas in the north and the wintering grounds in the south, the birds rest here in Denmark’s biggest self-service restaurant before they set off on their next strenuous flight.

Go on a guided tour and discover a scenery which rightly is said to be Denmark’s biggest nature phenomenon.

The Wadden Sea Centre arrange

Black Sun
Black sun can be a nature experience and natural phenomenon in a dimension of its own. The dance of the starlings is a dance of life and dead. The amazing formations the starlings make is decided by the number af raptors chasing the starlings. The nature guides follow the starlings in the days up to the tour and will do their very best to find where the starlings rest for the night. But when it comes to nature, there are no garanties. Nobody knows exactly how the evening will go - and that is what makes it so interesting.
Season March-April and September-October.

Birds' airport
As global citizens the migratory birds arrive to Wadden Sea National Park in the spring and the autumn. On their way between the breeding sites in the North and the wintering sites in the South, they fill up in the giant restaurant that the Wadden Sea is. There is a landing and take off every second, and when the high tide floods the restaurant the migratory birds gather in giant flocks - a scenery one can properly call the Greatest natural phenomenon of Denmark.
Season April-June and August-October.

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