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Mandø - a brief description
Mandø has a surface of 7,63 square kilometres and is an island in the Wadden Sea between Rømø and Fanø numbering about 30 inhabitants. Mandø is a part of Esbjerg municipality.

Mandø is under environmental protection and nature conservation. Nature on Mandø is vulnerable, so moving about the island should always be with consideration to animal life. Enjoy the birdlife at a distance, pay respect to the signs and instructions. Stay on the roads, paths and the mudflats and avoid walking in places with vegetation in the breeding season.

Låningsvejen is the name of the causeway which connects Mandø to the mainland in Jutland. It is a public road which you can use if you know the tides and when it is low tide. Only the two tractor busses Mandø Traktorbus and Mandøbussen are allowed to use Ebbevejen. They carry the post, school children and tourist to and from the island.

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The Mandø bus

The Mandø bus

Departure from the parking lot west of Vester Vedsted, at the Wadden Sea Center. The drive takes about 40 minutes.