Holiday in Ribe

Holiday in Ribe

Visit Ribe, Denmark's oldest town, the town and The Wadden Sea National Park offers a large selection of holiday adventures. Activities for the whole family, have a try at public town walks, the night watchman's tour, Art and much more. Stop by and enjoy your holiday in Ribe.

The Night Watchman

The Night Watchman's Rounds

During Spring you can join the Night Watchman, when he walks his traditional rounds in the old winding streets of Ribe.
From 1. June to 31. August 2019, at 20.00+22.00.

Winter Holiday | Town Walk | Ribe

Town walk

Join a guided tour through the medieval town centre in Ribe, the tour includes a visit to Ribe Cathedral or St. Catharinae Church.
Every monday from 18.03-24.06 2019, at 11.30.

Ribes Vikinger | Guldslangen

Gold serpent - 01.03-29.09 2019

Exhibition at Ribes Vikinger of one of the finest examples of jewelery art in the Viking Age.

Ribes Vikinger | Dannebrog

Dannebrog - 06.04 2019-28.02 2020

Exhibition: Dannebrog.

Ribe Kunstmuseum | Kristian Zahrtmann - Queer, Art and Passion

Upcoming special exhibition: 17.05-01.09 2019

Kristian Zahrtmann was an artist, teacher and a sociable person. Zahrtmann was conscious about, how he appeared in other peoples eyes.