Here you will find space for contemplation and peaceful relaxation

Adventures on Mandø

Mandø Mølle, the island’s landmark, greets everyone welcome at the very first glimpse of the dike. Safely arrived on the island, you can dive headlong into the many adventures that are part of the culture, the tradition, the history and the flora and fauna of Mandø. Here, you will find plenty of elbowroom, space for contemplation and peaceful relaxation. Explore on your own or join a guided tour for a close-up experience of the island and its unique nature. Mandøhuset (the regional museum), the church, the rescue station and the storm surge column are part of the cultural history, a hike will provide a wonderful collection of picturesque photo motifs. 

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Mandø and Låningsvejen

Nature in and around Mandø is rich in adventure

Nature adventures - guided tours

Nature in and around Mandø is rich in adventures. Mandø Island is situated in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park and offers a wealth of unique nature experiences such as bird tours, seal tours and oyster trips etc.

Mandø - on your own

On your own

Safely arrived on Mandø, a good place to start is with a visit to Mandø Tourist Information, where you will find inspiration to the many adventures on the island.

Mandø Museum | Attraktion på Mandø

Mandø Museum

The Mandoe house was built around 1831, and it is still unchanged in style and arrangement.

Mandø Mølle | Attraktion på Mandø

Mandø Mill

Mandø Mill is the island's tallest building and has naturally become the island's landmark. 

Mandø Church

Mandø Church

Mandø Church was built in 1639 and is one of three known church buildings on Mandø. The sea claimed the earlier churches.

Nature Exhibition | Mandø

Nature Exhibition

Here you can experience how Mandø emerged and how the Wadden Sea, that surrounds the island, is built up with deep sea and tidal channels and huge sandbanks like the desert Koresand.

Redningsstationen | Attraktion på Mandø

Lifesaving Station

The lifesaving station is owned by Mandø Museum. It was in function as life saving station from 1912 till 1961. The life saving station holds a souvenir shop. Open during the tourist season.

Storm Surge Column

Storm Surge Column

The column is situated by the lifeboat station, and as a scale for the water level it testifies to the havoc caused by the floods through the times.