Taste the local specialties

Mandø - eat and drink

Eat well
After a day with many impressions and nature adventures, a lovely meal awaits. The island has a variety of small eateries that serve well-prepared Danish food inspired by the Wadden Sea. 

Local specialties
Taste the local specialties and take some home, too.

Café Mandøpigen

Places to eat on Mandø

On Mandø there are two eateries where you can enjoy a well-made meal.

Groceries - Mandø Brugs

Grocery and food, Ice cream, candy, snacks, cold sodas, beer and juice. Coffee to go and portions cake and morning coffee.

Glasswort - a sea herb

Glasswort or saltwort is a 5-30 cm tall annual plant closely linked to the saline salt marshes and waddens.