Holiday in Ribe

Autumn in Ribe

Activities for the whole family, have a try at public town walks, the night watchman's tour, Art and much more. You will find good accommodation and shopping offers.

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Book a guide and get a very special experience, on foot around the streets of Ribes, or at the Museum Ribes Vikinger, there are tales everywhere.

Ribe Kunstmuseum | Edvard Munch - Woodcuts

Edvard Munch - Woodcuts 14.09-08.12 2019

The exhibition presents a truly remarkable private collection of woodcuts by Edvard Munch.

Ribes Vikinger | Guldslangen

Gold serpent - 01.03-29.09 2019

Exhibition at Ribes Vikinger of one of the finest examples of jewelery art in the Viking Age.

Ribes Vikinger | Dannebrog

Dannebrog - 06.04 2019-28.02 2020

Exhibition: Dannebrog.

Wadden Sea Centre

Here are experiences which catches and involves the guests of the center - young as well as elderly - in the wondrous world of the Wadden Sea.

Restaurants and Cafés in Ribe

Restaurants and Cafés in Ribe

Ribe has a lot of cosy restaurants and cafés, each with their own particular character