Beautiful historic buildings, sculptures, art galleries and working artist's studios

Art in Ribe

In a town like Ribe you will see art almost everywhere you look. Ribe’s confident and creative spirit can be witnessed in the beauty of historic buildings and homes, in the sculptures that enhances its parks, and in the many art galleries and working artist’s studios.

Ribe Kunstmuseum, ArtizanRibes Glas & Galleri, Stemmler,
Ceramic artist Steen Børsting and many more.


Arts and crafts

Throughout time, the Wadden Sea and the marshland have had a particular appeal for artists and art craftsmen.

Ribe Art Museum

The museum was established in 1891 and has since then been housed in a large mansion, popularly known as the castle. Read more about the museum.

Ribe Kunstrute

Ribe Art Route

Ribe Art Route invites you to cruise the galleries in what promises to be an eye-opening itinerary.

Art Route | South West Jutland | Easter

Art Tour South West Jutland - 19.-21.04 2019

94 places throughout South-West Jutland will open their doors, and you can experience outstanding art and crafts.