Wedding ceremonies

Ribe’s old Town Hall was built before 1496, and has been used as the town’s city hall from 1708 until 2007, when the last town councillor meeting was held.

In these romantic surroundings, civil wedding ceremonies take place. In so far as possible, the ceremonies are performed on the bridal couple’s premises: there is time for taking pictures, exchanging rings and other special wishes.

The wedding ceremony is formal, yet relaxed and celebratory. The ceremonies are performed in Danish, German or English on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings. Our service, from what documents are needed and how to fill them out, to the wedding ceremony itself is characterised by friendly, consistent and helpful professionalism.

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The Civil marriage Office
Borgerservicecenter Ribe
Giørtz Plads
6760 Ribe
Telefon +45 76 16 89 00

Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday 12.00-15.00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10.00-17.00
Friday Closed

Telephone hours
Monday to Wednesday 08.00-15.00
Thursday 08.00-17.00
Friday 08.00-13.00

Wedding in Ribe